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Zero-Height Projector Lift - The Most Compact Projector Lift On The Market Today!

The height requirement of this space-saving design is literally ”Zero” Inches, allowing it to fit into virtually any space, regardless of the height (or the absence of height).

This new, space saving, design places all essential drive components on either side of the projector, not over the projector, as is the case with all other lifts on the market today. To further economize on space, the ceiling panel has been designed to be the primary support surface for the projector, eliminating the need for a bulky ceiling bracket, saving space, installation time, and money!

Our Model ZH-1640 will handle ANY projector weighing up to 40 pounds, and will travel up to 16 inches. Available in custom sizes and lift capacities.

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1" (Ceiling Panel)

Up To 16"

40 lbs.

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