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Storing The TV Beneath The Floor Is Always Way Cool

Indeed, the sight of a large screen TV rising up out of the floor is very impressive. However, often times, under the floor is really the only place the TV can go! For instance, maybe all of the walls are too far away, or adding another piece of furniture would compromise the look of the room. Lastly, you’re afraid a TV hanging from the ceiling might look too much like a set from Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

When it come to in floor mechanisms, your options are many. The TV can pop up out of the floor all by itself with the lid rising up with it. Alternately, the TV can be concealed within a decorative enclosure with the top of the enclosure serving as the lid. It can rise up to be flush with the floor, or it can rise up and stop 3,4 or 5 feet above the floor!

For those applications that require additional positioning of the TV, we have mechanisms that will pivot the TV from the center (conventional) left only, right only, or in two directions. Also, we have mechanisms that allow the TV to pivot from the left edge or the right edge, similar to a door or a gate swinging on it’s hinges. This works very well when you want to place the TV in the corner of the room and real close up against the wall.



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Up To 76 "

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